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International Courier

We provide international courier services for USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all other countries. We use best of the delivery channels to send

Domestic Special Services

We provide domestic courier services for all locations across India. We use best of the delivery channels to send your shipment safely and in time.

Dangerous Goods Services

We provide Damgerous Goods Services for international as well as domestic locations.


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Jkenterprise Shipping Solution is established by an entrepreneur on 13th Dec 2001. We aim to provide a one stop shop for all your express delivery needs while maintaining the highest standards of service at all times. In addition to regular express service for your letters or parcels we also offer door to door or airport to airport cargo service for your heavier or commercial shipments, re-mailing service if you need to send out a huge number of mailers...

  • Jkenterprise Registered with Ahmedabad Customs and Airport Authority of India.
  • Fuel Surcharge For the Month of January 2015 DHL 23% ARAMEX 26% FEDEX 20.5% SKYNET 15% TNT 21.5% UPS 15%

Excellence in Customer Services

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